Drawing from a Holster

$ 75 USD

During this 6 hour class, you will learn the proper techniques to draw from any concealed or hip holster.


Our goal is to give you the tools which will allow you to practice your draw during your dryfire practice sessions.


The chance to draw and live fire from concealment is rare - don't miss this opportunity to learn the proper way to protect yourself and your loved ones!


Practice doesn't make perfect.

Practice makes PERMANENT.

PERFECT practice makes perfect.


Saturday, March 14, 2015

9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Women Only



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Non-Collapsible Holster

If you have not yet purchased your concealment gun or holster, you will have the opportunity to try some options.


You will also need:

200-300 Rounds of Ammo

Sturdy Belt

Magazine Pouch or Pocket

Ear Protection

Eye Protection


Clothing Needs:


Closed-toe shoes

Crewneck shirt

Many women prefer to wear a camisole under their shirt for modesty purposes while drawing from concealment.


Be Prepared:


Bug Spray


Lunch, Beverages and Snacks

We'll provide all the water you can drink and assorted snacks.